Art quarter Skolkovo

Art quarter

Location: Moscow, innovation center territory “Skolkovo”», plot Z1

Plot area: 4,89 ha

Total area: 50 000 m2

Client: Skolkovo

Task: Design hackable loft-quarter as part of lively business and public area of Innovation center “Skolkovo” taking into consideration the existing masterplan of the territory. Create attractive area for visitors. Design the quarter as a solid unit that would not contradict the general concept of the IC “Skolkovo”.

Solution: The project archetype is an image of an old European city. It reminds of narrow streets and old squares with the main dominant element – the tower. All buildings have inclined roofing giving multiscale image of the architecture from the inside and from the outside of the quarter. The architectural message is about a double reading: from the outside of the area the quarter is a rigid monolithic volume correspondent to the surrounding context; from the inside it is an ensemble of various buildings and open spaces immersing the general outlook of the object into historical context. Finishing materials such as dark bricks and block stones give an additional visual effect of unity. All area units are multifunctional: first floors are given to retail functions opening onto the main boulevard, enclosed squares and central park; offices are placed in loft spaces; apartments of top class are designed at the attic floors; utility and service rooms together with parking slots are put on the basement levels under the whole quarter footprint.